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About Us

Let’s celebrate!

Wow it’s been awhile serving you! Could not have done it without the most amazing clients and our skilled and dedicated team. We have proudly printed and decorated billions of containers of all shapes and sizes, some of the most brilliant designs and fantastic brands. Can’t say we’re old we are all grown up, experienced, yes still dynamic, innovative and ready to take on challenges. Looking forward to continue growing with you and thriving for another 40+ years!

By constantly investing in research, development, and new technology, we’re able to contribute to the success of thousands of products around the world – from you beloved local craft brew and micro-distilled spirits to global beer, whiskey or vodka brands.

At SRI, we pride ourselves in offering the widest range of packaging decoration services – all under one roof. And when you work with us, your product is guaranteed to have an outstanding shelf presence, thanks to the combination of our various decoration and contract printing services.

As a family owned company, our goal is always to build strong relationships with the businesses we work with. We believe that bottle and packaging decoration is a 2-way street. We’re only happy with your print decoration if you are, so if you ever feel your print isn’t going the way you want it to – tell us and we’ll gladly work with you to ensure your bottle or packaging exceeds your expectations!

Our Beginnings…

We’ve been printing decorations on bottles and packaging for more than 40 years and during that time we’ve learned a thing or two about creating a one-of-a-kind bottle.

It all started with unsophisticated tools and a lot of imagination. The founders of our company have always pushed the boundaries of our trade and have always strived with challenging decoration. If it was easy anyone could have done it but we always believed that “The person who says it cannot be done will get passed by someone doing it”.

Now SRI has in-house state of the art full CNC machine shop and a highly skilled crew developing custom made toolings, change parts and unique decorating equipment engineered in house.

With a combined 300 years of experience in decoration industry, our technical team is highly talented and ready to help you find the perfect decoration process for your product.

Interested in learning more  about our contract decoration services for packaging? Check out some of our recent bottle decorations here:

photo of gold color bottle


Are you looking to set yourself apart from the competition with a stunning glass bottle? You’re in the right spot! SRI crafts truly epic décor for bottles of only the highest quality.

Learn more about our process below:

Bottle Decoration Process

At SRI, we take the bottle decoration process seriously. Our team uses a variety of advanced precision printing, coating and surface treatment technologies to accurately and efficiently apply your brand design on to your bottle.

Label & Sleeve Application and Sourcing

An eye-catching label or colorful sleeve outfit is the heart of your product. Don’t have reliable supplier? No problem! We’re partnered with the best sleeve and label printers in North America and we can develop, source and apply them to your package in a full turnkey solution. Contact us to learn more about our contract labeling services and shrink sleeve options.


An eye-catching design is the heart of your product. Don’t have a bottle-ready concept? No problem! We’re partnered with award-winning design firms that’ll help bring your design from concept to completion. Once your design is completed, our decorators will print a truly exceptional label direly onto your bottle or jar, giving your product a unique look that will stand out.

Glass Decoration

With the ability to provide one-of-a-kind decorations to nearly any type of food jars, candle ware or beverage bottle, SRI can help elevate your brand to new heights.

Lift your brand, lose your