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Junior Machine Attendant

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Fulltime, Benefits, Vacation, 401K

The Junior Machine attendant is responsible to achieve daily production objectives of approved quality products, run the equipment with a minimum of scrap or rejected products. Specific responsibilities of this role will include getting the line started on time at the beginning of the shift, to inspect the quality of items produced and to be in control of scrap. The JMA is to prepare/add raw materials as needed and oversee the work of general help working on the line.  The JMA is responsible to minimize downtime and maximize run time, to call for support when the quality/performance do not meet standard or to report any deficiencies. The JMA will report inabilities to run to the Leadhand or supervisor.   Support can be given by a qualified Machine Attendant, technical, R&D, QA personnel, Leadhand, or Supervisor. JMA could be trained to work on various types of equipment used to decorate products. JMA must have a sense of urgency, energetic and dynamic in their work ethic.