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Frosting – Full & Partial

Glass Bottle & Container Frosting Service – Full & Partial

Glass frosting, also known as etching or satinage, is a great way to make your brand’s bottle stand out from the competition. At SRI, we use a special process to create a truly unique frosting that’ll dazzle your customers and make you the talk of the town. Bottle frostings can be combined with labels, coatings, and other custom decoration services for packaging to make your bottle one-of-a-kind.

photo of glass frosting

Frosting is a particularly popular option for spirits, as the coating can serve as a blank canvas for other imprints and color tinting, such as what some brands use to differentiate flavors. With a silky-smooth finish, this type of coating gives your bottle a premium look and feel.

A window opening can be applied to create a magnifying effect revealing and animating a background design when combined with screen printing.

photo of many frosting bottles