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Screen Printing

Contract Printing Services for Bottles & Packaging

Equal parts art and science, screen printing on your glass bottle with SRI Custom Decorator helps add a premium look, bolster brand equity and enhance label durability.

Here you can explore the variety of reasons why choosing our contract printing services for the labels on your bottles is right for your brand.

Sometimes referred to as silk screening or applied ceramic labeling (ACL), screen printing can apply your design as fused glass enamels for highest durability, UV cured organic inks for color vibrancy and/or as precious metals inks such as gold and platinum for real premium appearance. Direct printing is the real deal.

1. Shelf Appeal

Your package plays a central role in initiating a consumer’s first purchase. Said another way, “the first sale is the label, the second is the product inside.” Your label attracts the eye, pulls in the consumer’s attention and then captures their imagination. Using a direct screen-printed label is an important branding and marketing decision.

2. Differentiation

Why follow the masses with a conventional paper label when you can differentiate in the place it matters most: retail. Neck printing. Shoulder printing. Raised print. Full 360-degree wrap. All contribute to a fully unique label on your bottle.

3. Brand Story Telling

Your label’s best side? How about all of them. From a branding perspective, screen-printing enables your entire bottle to serve as a canvas of visual expression. Design your brand and show off your story no matter how your bottle is positioned on the shelf