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What makes us different

Unique Bottle and Packaging Decorations for Unique Brands

With access to state-of-the-art container decoration and printing technology, we help craft brilliant glass prints that will set your brand apart from the rest.

Quality Assurance

At SRI we always think safety first quality always. Our strict quality program starts with our digital proofing in the very early stage of your packaging development and is maintained long after your bottles have been delivered to you. We think quality as a global foundation of our philosophy in our processes and all departments. If you have special quality requirements it is probably already part of our procedure and we trained and equipped to control it. Contact us to find out more about our quality.


In our production process we focus on the integrity of the bottles and packaging components. Our goal is to ensure that your container will maintain its physical and mechanical proprieties in all our processes. To accomplish this, we have heavily invested in precise state of the art automation equipment which allows us to minimize handling and ensure consistency.


At SRI we understand the importance of traceability for the full life cycle of your product. We strongly focus on traceability from door to door. We can date code and track our decoration down to every bottle.


At SRI, no container is too difficult to decorate! To apply our incredible and precise designs on your bottle or package, we've invested in only the finest packaging decoration technology and creative team. Because we develop all our custom toolings at our in-house CNC machine shop, we can truly bring any concept to life. Worried that it can't be done? Talk to us and we'll come up with a solution.


Full cycle in-house pre-press capabilities. From art file handling to film making and screen production we do it all in house with one of the most technical teams in the industry. We even use in-house made proprietary screen frames and technology developed and perfected over the years.


We have the capabilities of producing prototype samples of your design onto your bottles to ensure you get what you desire. Our fully equipped lab is a boiling and creative workshop where dreams come true. Our passionate technical team are craftsmen and craftswomen who love developing great packaging design and thrive on challenging projects.